Martine ViergeverHilarious earrings silver

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An asymmetrical pair of earrings that gives your outfit the glittery disco vibe. Martine Viergever constructs new values in post-minimalism, connecting 'New pasts & forgotten futures' as the collection is called.  It stands for rich-looking, luxurious and sophisticated jewellery.

- silver earrings
- asymmetrical
- pin and butterfly closure

REF. V136.a

No specifications

Silver 925/000

Over time oxidation reactions can occur in silver jewellery. The best way to keep your silver jewellery from tarnishing is to wear it frequently and polish it regularly. Silver jewellery oxidises over time, which means the upper layer of the jewellery piece turns black under the influence of components in the air or even the acid in your skin. Read about the best care of your Martine Viergever jewelry here

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